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What is the Point of Art Criticism? – Is Art Criticism Necessary?

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Art criticism has been around since art itself, presumably. Well, not completely a presumption, since there are many texts going back to Plato, which talk about art and its values. Art criticism is often described as an interpretation of art, the description of its values and the art itself, relative to the history of art […]

Books That Teach You Gambling – Is Just the Written Word Enough?

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Books have taught us for the better part of our history, at least efficiently. Compared to speech and stories, books do not forget or change their content by themselves, as stories often do. Today, with so many visual guides and tutorials, videos, audiobooks and the like, can you learn from just a regular book? Of […]

Four Tips for Designing the Perfect Book Cover

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Probably everyone has been in this situation – you are in the book store, walking down the aisles of books. You gaze at countless books on the shelves when one of them catches your eye. Why do you think that is? There is an entire science behind making book covers, and publishers use various techniques […]

Five Best Art Books Ever

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If you are looking for books on art which are considered to be the best of all time, you have come to the right place. Everyone who is interested in art knows that you can never stop learning about it and finding inspiration, so here is a list of five books which have made an […]