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Graphic Design Tips and Tricks – Details Which Make Your Designs Better

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Graphic design is evolving with every new day. Technologies get better, but more importantly, people think of new, fun ideas of how to present a site or anything else, for that matter. Making a nice design, one that is current with the trends, is easy enough if you are keeping with the times and know […]

The History of Graphic Design – A Brief Recap

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Graphic design is very popular today, and present in almost all parts of our lives. Designers work from their homes or anywhere in the world, because technological progress made everything mobile and accessible. Graphic design, however, did not start with our modern world, the late 20th and the 21st century, as many would think. No, […]

Designing Casino Games – 3D Slots, Poker and Everything Else

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Casinos are a major part of our culture, especially the modern one. They can be found with a click of a button, as opposed to having to travel to one just a couple of decades ago. With more countries legalizing online gambling, or gambling in general, casinos have an even bigger need for game designers. […]

Five Famous Graphic Designers You Should Know

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Many famous graphic designers have made incredible contributions to the graphic design industry, and anyone who is interested in this field should be able to name-drop these six any time – day or night. They have revolutionized the way graphic design is observed in the contemporary world, and aspiring graphic designers need to familiarize themselves […]