The Hearts & Bones Art Class

This page is dedicated to the Creative Spirit within us all. The H & B Studio Art Class is an on-going exploration into the Nature of Art and Spirit, a place to expand and grow, to become more aware of who you are and what you can do, to unravel a Great Mystery, to make Home.

Beware though... creativity is of the unknown... there is no knowing what will happen, where you will go, who you will become, or what you will leave behind. The road is both smooth and bumpy so hold on tight, let go, and come along for the ride. What will you need? A good strong heart, a few minutes, hours, months, years... some courage, as much art medicine as you can find, a sketch book, something called passion, a dask of being a fool, the re-membering of how to play and create a new world with every breath you take!

May you be blessed more than ever!


Exercise #45 :

It's All in the Timing:


Set a timer (radio shack) for 15 minutes. Every time it goes off do a yoga pose, stretch, do sit ups, push ups, do something to make your body stronger and looser. This way you stay connected to your body throughout the entire day. This is especially good medicine for those of us who sit in front of computers for hours, sometimes getting so focused on a task that hours just fly by.

The timer game is a great way to stay away from repetitive wrist motion stuff. If you don't know anything about yoga, take a class, you
will find that it will be something you can use for the rest of your life to enhance the quality of living. Yoga mean "to yoke", to be in "union." One of my yoga teachers, Rodney Yee, has great yoga videos out there for sale. Being connected to your body relates directly to the creative spirit, art making, and being creative. My experience is that keeping your mind and body strong and flexible is an unbeatable relationship with you and yourself, a win-win situation.


Oh... my timer just went off!




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